Wednesday, December 1 was the deadline for applying for the Giovane Fotografia Italiana # 09 Open Call!

Artists under the age of 36 – Italian (even if residing abroad) or foreign artists residing in Italy – can submit their applications to the selections for Giovane Fotografia Italiana, a project aimed to discover and promote emerging talents in the Italian contemporary photography’s scene.

An international jury will select 7 artists who will exhibit their works in a collective show curated by Ilaria Campioli and Danele De Luigi within the Fotografia Europea (European Photography) Festival, held in Reggio Emilia from the 29th of April to the 12nd of June 2022.

Each finalist will receive an award of 1,500 euros to cover the costs of production and transport of the works and for personal travel expenses.

GFI | Luigi Ghirri Award

On the opening days of Fotografia Europea, an international jury will award the prize, worth 4,000 euros, to the artist with the best project among the selection.

This year interesting addition is the collaboration of Giovane Fotografia Italiana with Luigi Ghirri’s Heirs. This led to the new naming of the contest, after Luigi Ghirri, in recognition of the photographer’s strong relationship with the city of Reggio Emilia, which also preserves his archives in the Photo Library of the Panizzi Library.

The jury will be chaired by the artistic direction of Fotografia Europea and will include a representative of the Ghirri family.

The main theme of Giovane Fotografia Italiana #09 is:


Curated by Ilaria Campioli and Daniele De Luigi

“Possible is what the world has not yet expressed, but might at any moment. […] Reality is also what is not there but might be; what is invisible exists just as much as what is visible”.

In his last essay, Leonardo Caffo hints at “being young” as a status that allows not to be constrained by rules and conventions, thus being able to see one’s self and the surrounding world beyond predetermined roles and established destinies. This is a condition that exceeds chronological age: like Pascoli, Ghirri, Wenders, it is about the ability to see things not through a set definition, but by imagining an endless potential. Recent transformations of the photographic medium increase the possibilities of finding new ways to address complex themes and issues. As boundaries shift continuously, more room is made for underlying images to emerge and outline a new tale, a different story. Giorgio Parisi, a recent Nobel laureate for Physics, taught us how, in order to describe the complex systems that we inhabit nowadays, we need to start exactly from those elements that are different, that go beyond, that do not conform.


Credit immagine © Alisa Martynova, Nowhere Near, 2019