Who We Are

Giovane Fotografia Italiana (Young Italian Photography) is a Municipality of Reggio Emilia project promoting the discovery and showcase of emerging photography talents in Italy. Currently in its tenth edition, the format includes a free-of-charge Open Call for artists under 35 years of age, who are invited to submit photographic series in line with the concept of each year. At the heart of the project is the idea of approaching photography as artistic research. An international commission selects the works that, receiving a financial reward, are produced and shown in a collective exhibition in the European Photography program in Reggio Emilia. Since 2018, the Young Italian Photography Award is connected to a cash reward presented to the best artist out of seven finalists. Since 2012, the works of over eighty photographers who took part to Young Italian Photography have been collected.

Young Italian Photography is a project curated by Daniele De Luigi, supported since 2018 by Ilaria Campioli.

The tenth edition of Young Italian Photography is promoted by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, with the contribution of Reire srl., in partnership with Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm and Triennale Milano. In collaboration with GAI – Association for the Circuit of Young Italian Artists, Fotografia Europea; Fotofestiwal Łódź (Poland)Photoworks Festival, Brighton; Festival Panoràmic of Granollers (Barcelona).

Team of Young Italian Photography #10

Cultural Services Direction, Municipality of Reggio Emilia
Valentina Galloni

Head of UOC Cultural Services, Municipality of Reggio Emilia
Paola De Grazia
Lara Bocconi (until October 2022)
Giovanna Righi (until October 2020)

Ilaria Campioli and Daniele De Luigi

Roberta Conforti

Patrizia Paterlini
with Anna Nasi

Web Design
Antonella Cipressini

Staging Design
Francesca Monti

Venue Logistics
Rossana Capiluppi

Events Logistics
Monica Saracca

Lorena Micacchi

Photographic Documentation
Renza Grossi

Registration Office
Enrica Cocchi

Previous editionscollaborators
Carmen Capuano, Luca Capuano, Stefania Carretti, Virginia Cipressi, Daniela Console, Daniele Meglioli, Francesca Menditto, Anna Orlandelli, Diletta Pignedoli, Giulia Sannia, Marlea Zampino.