The Young Italian Photography Award was created in 2018 to support and finance the research and artistic production of photographers under 35 years of age.
The recognition is awarded to the best photographic project of each edition, as selected among the finalists of the open call.

Marina Caneve won the first edition of the GFI 2018 Award.

In the 2018 Activism edition, the recipient of the Young Italian Photography Award, worth 2,000 euros, was Marina Caneve.

The commission that selected the winner included Walter Guadagnini, artistic director of European Photography Festival, Federica Chiocchetti, founder and director of The Photocaptionist, Stefania Scarpini, project manager for Peep-Hole, Milan and editor for Humboldt Books.

As stated by the jury:

Marina Caneve with her work Are They Rocks or Clouds? has been able to interpret the theme without rhetoric, creating a work that is at the same time a study of landscape, anthropological research and geological investigation.

Iacopo Pasqui won the second edition of the GFI Award, during the 2019 Ropes / Corde edition.

Worth 2,000 euros, the prize was awarded to Iacopo Pasqui for his project N.

The jury of the award included Walter Guadagnini, artistic director of the European Photography Festival, Chiara Fabro for Panoràmic festival and Carlo Sala of the Francesco Fabbri Foundation.

The reasons of the jury:

For his investigation on the existential condition of life in the Italian province through a plurality of expressive media where the device used manages to communicate the conflict between the individual and society in a climate of homologation and isolation.