The edition of Young Italian Photography #06 – ACTIVISM is part of the Action and Imagination project. The Gaze of Under-35 Artists, curated by Daniele De Luigi, includes three different projects with a shared affinity: the drive for change, fueled by a mixture of action and imagination, which finds its natural expression in young artists!

Three exhibitions resulted from projects that testify the strong support of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia to youth’s creativity, with the collaboration of GAI – Association for the Circuit of Young Italian Artists, addressing the theme of Revolutions, proposed by European Photography Festival, from three different angles.

In connection with Young Italian Photography #07, Action and Imaginary. The Gaze of Under-35 Artists presented:

Federica Landi, Emeric Lhuisset, Ana Catarina Pinho


A 3-way collaboration by Federica Landi, Emeric Lhuisset and Ana Catarina Pinho, investigating the deep identity of the Mediterranean Sea in the context of migration in the framework of Mediterranea Youth Photo project.

Calori & Maillard


Calori & Maillard reflect on the theme of urban regeneration thanks to an artistic residency held in Reggio Emilia as part of Panorami Contemporanei – Photography Residences in Italy.