404 Not Found

404 Not Found represents my apocalyptic vision, in which communities have collapsed as a result of a failed encounter on a human level and anxiety has pervaded humanity on a cultural, social and personal level. Technology becomes mirror and shield at the same time, it becomes soul.
404 Not Found is a story in images interested in scenarios that we perhaps consider negative but which in the future will be normal: in this sense, our blame for the future could be a hypocritical forgetfulness of the present.

Luca Marianaccio
(Agnone, IT, 1986)

Luca Marianaccio is an artist who also expresses himself through photography. Winner of the XVIII Aldo Nascimben Prize in Treviso, the First Giovanni Gargiolli National Photographic Prize in Fivizzano, the REFOCUS 2 National Competition curated by MUFOCO, Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Triennale Milano, the TIP Emerging Talent Competition in London and the New Post Photography Prize of the MIA Fair in Milan.
His book Spin-off won awards at the XIV Marco Bastianelli Award in Rome and at the Unveil’d Photobook Award in London. His works have been exhibited in various solo exhibitions and photography festivals and acquired from public and private collections. Lives and works in Grottaglie.


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