#Abruxaus, referencing the annual report on the summer fires in Sardinia, it’s an ironic denunciation on Instagram. The title, a curse in Sardinian language, means : ‘You can burn alive’, and is directed towards arsonists. The arse cases are just one of the many problems affecting the Island. Commonly, Sardinia is only considered for its beautiful beaches, only deemed as the destination to spend the best holidays in. However the burned vegetation, although less appealing to tourists than the crystal clear sea is undeniable part of the typical Sardinian summer landscape. This project, in a time in which we all pay the consequences of climate change, wants to detect the real effects that a policy of indifference has on the environment. Concentrating the entire economic resources of a place just on tourism is an irresponsible ploy not only to shade the long-standing discomforts of said place, but also not to develop its real socio-economic potential.

Francesca Pili
(Benevento, IT, 1986)

She studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Art in Bologna and she earned a master’s degree in photojournalism in Naples. She has participated in various group exhibitions including: What’s Going on To the Ladies Parlour, Magazzini Fotografici, Naples; BìFoto Festival Internazionale Della Fotografia in Sardegna, Oristano; EneganArt InDifferenza Contest, Florence; Giovane Fotografia Italiana #8, Reggio Emilia; Festival Cortona On The Move. In 2019 #Abruxaus was published by the French newspaper Libération.

Eyes on Tomorrow

Giovane Fotografia Italiana nel Mondo


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