Y represents, in human DNA, the male genetic heritage, which is very different from that of the feminine gender (the other half of the sky) marked by the double X. From this simple consideration begins the research for the identity of my father. A survey that wants to bring light to my origins with the same intention as an investigator seraching for evidence, facts, truth.

I was born in Bangkok on 23 April 1987 and I never met my biological father. In 2013 I discovered that my father was not the same of my brother. He was called Massad, he has Arab origins (Iran or Iraq) and probably he is a pilot for the Emirates. Massad met my mother in Bangkok.

To have some evidences about my origins, I retrieved my family’s archive images, looked at them and analyzed them after many years; I also searched for meaningful documents, including the paternity DNA test done to my brother’s father. His name is Weerachart and I believed he was my father for over twenty years.

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Italiana #05 | LOOP

Alba Zari


(Bangkok, 1987)

Since childhood she led a nomadic life that brought her to live in different cities and countries. She was born in Thailand and lived there until the age of eight. In Italy she lived first in Trieste then in Bologna, where she graduate from the DAMS with a degree in film. She went on to study documentary photography at the International center of photography in New York, and then continued her studies in photography and visual design at the NABA in Milan.

Her experience as a traveler influences and is reflected in her photographic practice, with intends to explore social themes, for example her visual studies of mental health centres since the Italian Basaglia Law and of the widespread eating disorders of the American society.

Alba is now working on a visual study of the propaganda of the cult Children of God traveling to India, Nepal and Thailand. She realized the short documentray FreiKörperKultur and she is working on her first documentray feature film White Lies.