(The Twilight Makes me Blind)

“In Egypt, if you ask any woman what percentage of women have been the victims of at least one molesting incident in the course of their lives, they will all answer one hundred percent.”
“In Egypt, if you ask any woman if she has ever been molested, she will reply that she hasn’t.”

This project brings together the experience of four women who, at sundown, suffered personally from the darkest side of the society in which they live. Three of these women, however, denounce not only the insane behaviour of men but that of an entire government as they were molested and raped during the demonstrations in Tahrir square, where paramilitary squads were tasked with “punishing” those who were fighting for recognition of their rights. Now, as sundown approaches, these women are only able to see their city through the windows of their homes.

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Italiana #03 | SEEING


(Naples, IT, 1983)

Aldo’s sophisticated eye for minimal landscapes and his almost flemish-peinture approach to portraiture make an unexpected contrast with the committed themes he chooses to represent.

From the exploration of the link between media and war in Gaza strip (Cast Lead and A Scorching Summer) to the most recent The struggling Life of Gay Community in Uganda, his ability to establish a deep relationship with his subjects has granted him many awards.

Since 2018 Aldo is represented by LUZ.