(Fire on the beach, the sense of emptiness)

Following a fire that took place in the summer of 2012 in and around a nature reserve skirting the seashore in the vicinity of Lido di Dante, I had gone to photograph the burnt out area where the charred remains of trees lay scattered among the sand dunes across about 60-70 hectares of land. Having heard that a nature conservation effort had subsequently been undertaken in the same area, I decided to go back and photograph the results of the reforestation process. What lay before my eyes, however, was an even bleaker vision. The photographs on display here try to convey that strong sense of emptiness and at the same time to show how the gaze is seeking what is no longer there but is suggested by the remains I found in the area.

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Italiana #03 | SEEING

Ritratto di Andrea Delai


(Desenzano del Garda, IT, 1979)

Graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, in Painting.
He approaches photography fostering his artistic preparation through workshops with prestigious masters such as Luca Andreoni and Gabriele Basilico.

Since 2009, he displays his works in personal and collective exhibitions, including Spazio Gerra (RE), Fotografia Europea and Premio Celeste. In 2014 and 2016 he participated to the Premio Francesco Fabbri in Pieve di Soligo and in the Festival Circulation(s) in Paris.

His visual research explores the natural landscape, whatever it is. He looks AT human activities as an integral and shaping part of the landscape, as generators of new places. Exploring the relationship between Man and Nature characterizes all his projects.