(Those who are looking at us)

The project, conducted in Palermo between 2013 and 2014, is a study on the inhabitants’ private and everyday places. The photos clearly show an overabundance of sacred and profane images set next to each other and portraits of relatives or loved ones, and how small shrines inside people’s homes and workplaces have survived. From an overview of the work we can glean traces of personal histories, memories of life experiences and of the spaces they inhabit, creating a jigsaw puzzle that we need to solve in order to understand a story that began way back in time.

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Italiana #03 | SEEING

Ritratto di Emma Grosbois


(Rennes, FR, 1985)

Emma Grosbois studied photography in Florence at the Fondazione Marangoni.

Between Italy, Lebanon and France, she likes to explore and expose the links that are woven between places, images and memory. Her work focuses on the uses and status of images, offering a double perspective on the cities she lives. It leads us to question urban space and our view of it.

Her work has been supported by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques. In 2020, Her book Comme was co-edited by french editors Zoème and Filigranes Editions.