I witnessed firsthand the change that Internet has brought to the world of photography.

The web, thanks to online sharing platforms, has allowed me to “exhibit” my shots to a stuggering number of viewers in a very short time (such is the case of flickr). In 2011 my photos were noticed by a professor from the Cleveland Institute Of Art who invited me to exhibit my works for the first time in New York, at a time when, even in my hometown, only a few of my friends knew about my passion. This was certainly a great incentive. My relationship with photography has gone from web and digital tools (the beginning of my journey) to the use of camera film, which is now my great love. I always carry my camera with me, I am always ready to capture who and what passes in front of my eyes.

This project tries to trace a path of personal change: from my first digital selfies to analogue photos, from solitude to sharing, from being on the streets to intimacy, from the inside to the outside.

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Italiana #02 | CHANGE


(Padova, IT, 1983)

In 2016 she collaborates with artist Chiara Bersani for the project “Good Night Peeping Tom” sponsored by the “Associazione Culturale dello Scompiglio.

From 2017 Giulia is part of Heillandi Gallery in Lugano, Swiss. In the same year she made a solo exhibition called “Faraway so closed” at Spazio Cartabianca in Padova.
In 2018 she participated with her works in the collective “Who knows what’s going on in the ladies parlour” at Magazzini Fotografici, Napoli.
Self-portraits are an important part of Giulia’s work since the beginning and her focus on self-portraiture is constantly evolving. In July 2018 she went back to New York City continuing a research on street photography that first began between Venice, Naples and Trieste. In 2019 she had photos showed at the International Center of Photography in the installment of ICP Projected teaming up with Goldmoony editorial platform and focusing on everyday observations in urban settings. In the same year she joined the Fotofever Paris showing her work at Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.
In February 2020 Giulia had photos showed at Podbielski Contemporary, Milano during the exhibition “Pleasure Garden” curated by P. A. Podbielski with an essay by Angela Madesani. In November 2020 she had a solo exhibition at the “ Cattedrale ex Macello” in Padova, during second edition of Photo Open Up Festival.

She is working on her next publication, published by NFC edizioni curated by Angela Madesani.