Propaganda has always been part of war activities, as it represents a strictly conveyed and reflected communication medium that can guide and control the thought of masses of individuals through the legitimacy of the war, which is represented as a spectacular and necessary event, through the creation of heroes and the demonization of the enemy.

In this work, the artist re-elaborates the typical language of propaganda, at times acting on photos of indistinctly Nazi, Fascist and Communist propaganda newspapers, twisting the artifact message, at other times simply by revealing the crudity of elements already present with very narrow close-ups, revealing eloquent details and disturbing particulars.

Extrapolated from its cultural and historical context, propaganta is no longer “reassuring and positive”, but on the contrary, it loses its false and arrogant patina, reveals the atrocities hidden behind the war and insinuates in the spectator the doubt that still today ‘Information and freedom of expression are being conveyed and controlled by the media, in a way that is less explicit and more subtle, but no less conditioning.
(Giulia Guidi)

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Italiana #05 | LOOP


(Viareggio, IT, 1987)

In the last five years his artistic research has been focused on Ukraine, first documenting the Russian Ukrainian conflict, later manipulating and reworking his personal archive in a new way. Political ideologies, alienation, and means of mass control are topics on which he based his research; dissecting and reworking the languages and their symbols, Ciregia’s aim is to reveal the atrocities behind the war, destroying the false and arrogant patina created by propaganda throught installations aimed by a strong emotional impact, creating.

His work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, including (New York, London, Wales, Rome, Milan, Turin, Zagreb, Alicante, Reggio Emilia, Turin, Prato). Among the major prizes are Winner of Talent FOAM Amsterdam 2016, of “LOOP, Giovane Fotografia Italiana”, Festival Fotografia Europea 2017, “Honorable jury Mention” at Premio Francesco Fabbri 2016, TU35 at the Museo Pecci in Prato 2017, Winner of Leica Talent 2012.

He lives and works in Italy.