The project consists of portraits of people I met in 5 years as sales assistant, when my dreams were covered by goals and growing budget figures. People were the way, my everyday monuments, that I placed in boulle de neige, each of them related to a written story.

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Italiana #03 | SEEING

Fotografia di Serena Pea


(Brescia, IT, 1984)

Serena Pea is based in Padova and she lives of photography and theatre. After she graduated in 2012 at Accademia Teatro alla Scala stage photography master, she started to collaborate with Teatro Stabile del Veneto, Emilia Romagna Teatro and other theatre companies. In 2014 she presents Everyday Souvenir, photographic exhibition curated by Roberto Mutti at Biblioteca Centrale di Palazzo Sormani in Milan. In 2017 she finishes her project Songül, displayed in In/Out Spazi D’arte at Centro Culturale San Gaetano and in Mirabilia. Il segno della contemporaneità nelle opere di artisti under 35 at Museo Diocesano in Padova. In 2018, Songül,
Her first book, was published by La Grande Illusion and showcased and presented at Fondazione Sozzani bookshop at Corso Como 10 in Milan.