The Y

Every woman inherits two X chromosomes, one of which can be paternal. Alba Zari uses the medium of photography as a visual method of investigation, writing self-analysis notes to research the father that she never met. The missing Y. She goes into a process of self transformation where the results of the research can modify the perception of her identity. A deep research of her origins and she documents it with scientific rigor and in real time through specific photographic methods and languages.
Photography becomes a concrete investigative medium that will be useful to research evidence and proofs.

Alba Zari
(Bangkok, TH, 1987)

Alba Zari is a visual artist who prefers photography and video making. She graduated from DAMS in cinematography and then specialized in documentary photography at the International Center of Photography of New York, later achieving a MA in Visual Design at NABA in Milan.
Among her recent works: Places (2015), a photographic project and photo book analyzing the visual aspects of ISIS propaganda; The Y – Research of Biological Father (2017), which originated from a journey in search of her own origins, her own unknown father. This work was awarded the Graziadei price in 2019, and was shown in several international exhibitions, including the London Art Fair, the Maxxi of Rome and the FOAM. Her projects The Y and Occult are part of FOAM Talent 2020.
She lives in London.