Liquido. L’acqua sogna se stessa

The concept of identity, like reality itself, has multiplied, has become expanded, losing defined traits. Fixity is replaced by a variety of possible forms. Everything can be constructed and deconstructed as we please, but the flipside of this is a society which is committed to individualism ever-more; where social ties are becoming liquid and instable.
In the contemporary Western world, society, as a human network of relationships, has become fragile: the individual, distant from others, is left free to assert herself but lacks any reference points to use as guidance or to identify with.
Each person is thus liquid.It is an entity that can not have its own form, but assumes the one of the ‘recipient’ that contains it at the moment.
Therefore an individuality in constant mutation, capable of finding itself anywhere, but unable to stay in any place for long.

Domenico Camarda
(La Spezia, IT, 1990)

Domenico Camarda studied communications at the University of Bologna and photography and visual design at Milan’s NABA – New Academy of Arts. In autumn 2014, he began to work for the publisher Pierre Von Kleist Editions and the Pedro Alfacinha gallery in Lisbon. This gave him the chance to develop his interest in author photography and art publishing. In 2015, he worked in London as the assistant of the photographer Amelia Troubridge, editing and designing the layouts for her most recent publications.
Camarda’s artistic research delves into the construction of individual identity, pondering on what it means to be contemporary in today’s world. By creating a series of evocative and dream-like images, Camarda seeks to raise questions and provoke reflections rather than give simple answers. His works have been exhibited in and out of Italy. In 2019, he was chosen by Camera. Centro Italiano per la Fotografia for the second cycle of the Futures. European Photography Platform project.