Vis Montium

“The attraction is constant and strong, because of its symbolic nature and its unquestionably being a point of reference.
So what is it that keeps me tied to a space? To the territory I am investigating?
With contemporary knowledge, topography is no longer sufficient; it is the specificities of a place, of a territory, that alongside the landscape offer the possibility of understanding a system diagonally.
A unique system, but not in its topography. Specifically, I am talking about the Pietra di Bismantova in the hills around Reggio Emilia.
Could the imagery that the Pietra di Bismantova creates be replicable in other circumstances? Is there a possibility of territorial displacement?
The project is made up of contents from different areas, which stand side by side and produce a visual path that is different each time, thanks to the design hierarchies and the spaces they are destined for.”

Jacopo Valentini
(Modena, IT, 1990)

In 2017 he obtained two degrees from two universities: IUAV in Venice (cum laude) and the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio. In the same year he won the 101st Collective Young Artists at the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa. In 2019 he is selected for Giovane Fotografia Italiana #07 and wins the Nocivelli Prize. In 2020, he is the winner of the Refocus call, launched by MiC in collaboration with the Triennale di Milano and MUfoco. He was selected for the Cantica21 project, organized by Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. He exhibits at Parma Capitale della Cultura Italiana 2021.
He lives between Modena and Milan.


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