“Elsa M. disappeared on 11/05/1972. The same day a body was seen in the river. It travelled eight days along the Po Valley. It was recovered and identified thanks to her wedding ring. I could find the original newspapers which describe what happened in detail. I recreated the travel the corpse did before it was found and buried. I retraced that journey, exploring the same landscape her body went through fourty-five years before. I followed the river for so many days.
When I appear in the picture I always wear a white shawl. Elsa had sewn it for her daugher: my mother. Elsa M. was my grandmother.”

Valentina D’Accardi
(Bologna, IT, 1985)

She holds a degree in Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.In 2016 she won Best Under35 Artist Setup Award, she was selected for Giovane Fotografia Italiana#04 and she received the Special Mention form the Jury at the Francesco Fabbri Award for Contemporary Arts. She participated in the group exhibition Ritrattare for the gallery l’Entrepot, in the Principality of Monaco and in Bologna Fotografata, for Cineteca di Bologna. The following year Fiume became a book published by Danilo Montanari Editore. In 2020 she won third prize for Camera Work, promoted by the Municipality of Ravenna, and in 2021 Abissi, her last solo exhibition, took place in Padua for Photo Open-Up Festival.

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