Ritorno all’isola di Arturo

“Inspired by Arturo, the main character in one of Elsa Morante’s novels (Return to Arturo’s Island), I visited Procida, the small island where the story takes place. Arturo leads, all alone, a wild and magical life in Italy in the late 30’s. Wanting to find my own contemporary Arturos, I became friends with a group of teens, who welcomed me into this delicate and tumultuous period of their lives. They took me to their favorite places and so I discovered a little spot of earth outside of time. As with the book, it is clear to me that Procida really exerts a sort of spell over its inhabitants: rightly jealous of their island, faraway from everyone and everything, they live in a citrusy microcosm.”

Marta Giaccone
(1988, IT, Milano)

She received an MA in Documentary Photography from the University of South Wales, Newport, UK (2014) and a BA in English and Hispanic American Literatures from the University of Milan (2011). Her personal work and research focus on issues related with family and youth with a particular interest in the feminine perspective. She is also drawn to the juxtapositions of cultures and ideologies found within contemporary American society. Evolving through long-term documentary projects shot on medium and large format film, her photographic practice enables a more intimate and contemplative approach.
She has had solo shows in Italy (Procida, 2017, and Milan, 2018) and Austria (Innsbruck, 2020) and has taken part in group shows in Italy, the UK and the USA. She has been among the finalists of many prizes, among these, Giovane Fotografia Italiana (IT), Burn Magazine’s EPF (USA), Lucie Foundation Emerging Scholarship (USA), Athens Photo Festival (GR).



Eyes on Tomorrow

Giovane Fotografia Italiana nel Mondo

OPENING: 2021, 9th December
SEDE: Museo Blanes di Montevideo
From 9th December 2021 until 28th February 2022

WORKSHOP: 7th and 8th December 2021
WithTomaso Clavarino and Luca Massaro

> Montevideo > Youth: Tomaso Clavarino, Marta Giaccone, Luca Massaro