My Star Wars Family is the story of a family dealing daily with autism as it takes them on a journey of constant struggle and discovery — through passion, despair, closeness and dreams.

Matt and Shaila are the parents of Sofia, Zain, Raeff and Ibrahim. Zain is eight years old and was diagnosed autistic at the age of two. Raeff is seven, and on the spectrum as well. Both of them, as well as Ibrahim, who is four years old, suffer from a complex allergy condition to wheat and dairy and must follow a strict diet — this is the reason why Shaila went back to university to study Nutrition.

This project explores the narratives unfolding through the different family members and attempts to visualise an emotive sense of what a condition such as autism can mean in such a tight group.

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Italiana #02 | CHANGE


(Lecco, IT, 1981)

Annalisa Brambilla completed a Masters in Photojournalism at Westminster University in 2009. She’s interested in patterns and typologies of human behaviour and how people inhabit and interact within the constraints of a given time and space, which are both physical and mental. She has undertaken a number of documentary-based projects, been shortlisted for MONO I, by Gomma.

My Star Wars Family won the second prize portfolio category of LensCulture Exposure Awards 2012.

She lives and works between London and Milan.