(Fly Plus Whale)

Photographic series inspired by the novel of the same title by Valeria Parrella (2003). Like in a cinematic sequence, life repeats itself in a series of instants similar to each other. A subtle existence, enclosed in stubborn, suspended space and time. A series of decisions not taken, of expectations, of lack of movement, and the need for a change that should be first desired.

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Italiana #02 | CHANGE


(Reggio Emilia, IT, 1980)

After graduating from the DAMS faculty with a specialization in Arts, she collaborates with the Photology gallery in Bologna and with the staff of Reggio Film Festival, an international short-film festival. With the Refoto association of Reggio Emilia, she exhibited her works Phonegrafie and Mosca Plus Whale within the context of the Metamorphosis collective and Italian illustration in Reggio Emilia.