(Journey at the End of the Night)

Silent figures emerge from darkness and delude themselves in the dark, waiting for moon and dawn, in a perpetual motion, waiting for something to change. They are characters from the edge of existence, they have already lived a thousand lives, they live the night, disappearing at the first sunrays, disoriented, insane, with their cravings and pleasures, transformed and disturbed as they are in an upside-down world. As dawn arrives, as the first rays of light dissolve everything, an evocation of presence remains. Empty cases roaming inside ancient rooms. Absence as a constant, feared, condition. And the paradox of the precariousness of being there.

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Italiana #01 | CITIZENSHIP


(Cagliari, 1976)

Francesca Randi approaches photography in 1999 developing a personal, dreamlike style, with strong surreal images.

Among the themes addressed, we find identity, childhood and adolescence, nocturnal landscapes poised between the daily nightmare and existential loneliness, the unconscious, the double, the Wunderkammer and the uncanny.

She currently lives and works in Cagliari as a photographer and photography teacher. She collaborates with various Italian and foreign art galleries.

Francesca Randi