There is a straight line that connects Ireland and Israel, creating an axe interpreted mythologically as a sacred passage between Heaven and Earth. The line is called Apollo or St. Michael and on its trajectory are sanctuaries, monasteries, ancient temples dedicated to the God of Sun and the Archangel, which represents a precise sacred geography on Earth.

Unknown Project is a potentially never-ending investigation, a physical and intimate pilgrimage along this energy line where maps and history form the origin of a spiritual research whose object is only one: life itself.

It is the thread, which ties everything together and gives a sense of belonging of which the ancient wise www already aware, but whose traces got lost in time.

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Italiana #04 | SIDEWAYS

Francesca Serotti e Carlotta Zarattini “Unknown Project” 2016


(Monaco, 1986)

She graduated in Foreing Modern Languages. In 2013 she realized her first artistic project in Israel Motherland, that took part to the public art project Yourban, on the occasion of 2014 edition in Bari.
She lives in Berlin.

(Padova, IT, 1985)
After a degree in Lettere Moderne in Bologna, she studied fotojournalis, at International Center of Photography in New York and after that attended photography courses of Accademia di Brera. Her photographs has been published on The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, fader Magazine, Left and Internazionale. She manages two cultural centers in Lugano: Spazio 1929 and Circolo Turba.
She lives between Milan and Lugano.