A short summer and nocturnal tale in which boredom alternates with fun, but the latter is always repetitive, tired. An August in a small deserted city, suspended in the habit of the nights, between the shouting in the alleys and the hum of televisions from the windows.

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Italiana #01 | CITIZENSHIP


(Avezzano, IT, 1983)

He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia where he graduated in Painting with full marks and a thesis in Aesthetics with Prof. Tommaso Ariemma.
He then moved to Rome where he started his first significant artistic experiences experimenting different media with the idea of deepening the relationship between images and reproduction systems. Between 2015 and 2017 he is involved in various residencies in Italy including: Kilow’art (Kilowatt Festival, Sansepolcro – AR) curated by Saverio Verini for which he produces Adunanza, permanently exhibited at Teatro alla Misericordia; BoCs Art – Cosenza curated by Alberto D’Ambruoso.
He participated in solo and group exhibitions including: 5 Mostre / The Picture Club curated by Ilaria Gianni, Saverio Verini and Gianni Politi at the American Academy in Rome; Reversal Control curated by Marta Silvi and Carla Capodimonte at Palazzo Candiotti in Foligno (PG); Straperetana project by Paola Capata and Delfo Durante curated by Saverio Verini in Pereto (AQ).
In 2019 he set up the exhibition Fremo Immagine at Spazio Molini in Pastificio Cerere Foundation curated by Saverio Verini with the critical contribution of Cecilia Canziani. In the same year he was a finalist of the Talent Prize and participated in the collective exhibition curated by Insideart at Ex Mattatoio di Testaccio in Rome.
In 2020 He moves to Milan. In June, together with other artists, writers and Italian culture exponents, he has been published by Rvm Hub for the book Riscatti curated by Ivana Marrone. In october he won the award Premio Nocivelli.
He’s currently involved in the multidisciplinary project Universal Gardens curated by Cornelia Lauf.