There are many ways to tell a story and as much ways to lie in telling it.

My journey, is about stories and people who formed my family and how this metaphoric river of lives has flown into me and made of me what I am – at present the last of my lineage.

The great wars that shocked the European continent during the last century are the guiding thread, the bitter background, the first cause of the migrations that allowed these stories to weave together.

A discourse on the progeny that links together what it was to what it is: a return of the memories that have come to me, that I seized and reinterpret freely. An Image Diary, the illustrated topography of an autobiographical journey to explore my personal geography.

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Italiana #05 | LOOP

Francesco Levy


(Livorno, IT, 1990)

In 2013 Francesco Levy graduates from the Venice Academy of Fine Arts with a thesis on the aesthetics of new media and straight after enrolls on a three-year photography course at Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence that he will finish with honours and the scholarship as the best student.

Since 2017 he actively works in the field of contemporary photography participating at various festivals with collective and personal exhibitions including Fotografia Europea and Si fest. Francesco Levy is a Celeste Prize finalist and winner of the Combat Prize Art Tracker award.

In 2018 he is invited by the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris for an art residency project during which he developed the project “Random Notes for a Necessary Urban Planning”, presented in the IIC as a personal exhibition curated by Laura Serani and subsequently at the San Gimignano’s Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery in a solo exhibition curated by Elio Grazioli. In 2019 he is included in the catalog “222. Giovani artisti su cui investire nel 2019 ” edited by Exibart.
In 2020 he published his first photographic book “Azimuths of Celestial Bodies” published by Crowdbooks.

He currently lives and works in Italy.

Francesco Levy