Dead Sea is a research into the causes that are leading to the extinction of the loggerhead sea turtle in the Mediterranean Sea. These animals are sensitive to many human activities: coastal humanization, unlimited construction works, disorientation caused by artificial light at breeding sites, pollution, pathogens, global warming, tourism and accidental fishing are the main threats for this species.

The loggerhead sea turtle lives throughout the oceans and seas all over the world, and prefers breeding in temperate and subtropical regions. Since 2015, this sea turtle has been included to the IUCN Red List and it has been classified as vulnerable: its worldwide population is reducing. Its subpopulation of the Mediterranean Sea is mainly found along the coasts of the Eastern basin, while fewer nests are recorded along the Western coasts. Each year sees around 150,000 specimens captured and 40,000 killed, mainly due to fishing, but also to being hit by boats and ingesting pieces of plastic.

Despite being the evil-doer of this story, mankind also possesses all the tools and solutions needed to put an end to this massacre. For instance, there is a network of professionals who volunteer in research, data collection, communication and promotion: each year, thanks to their work, hundreds of specimens are saved and released back into the sea.

The project is completed with the sound installation Approfondire by Daniele Di Girolamo.

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Italiana #06 | ACTIVISM

Carlo Lombardi


(Pescara, IT, 1988)

Carlo Lombardi is a freelance photographer who works on long-term independent projects using a contemporary photographic language.

His method is based on an undefinite period of study, research and classification of all elements essential to defining a story. His interest is focused on the complex relationship between man and environment, and on the exploration of their fragility.

In 2015 he completed Jörg e Cam, a photo project he came up with after meeting Jörg and Cam, which arose his desire to recount their intimate relationship. In 2016, he began working on Dead Sea.