– Strada Maggiore 49 (Arcangeli House) –

Strada Maggiore 49 (Casa Arcangeli) is a project linked to the radical change undergone by an apartment in the historic center of Bologna. A story of suspended time of one of the most important homes of the city’s cultural past. This was the last home of the Arcangeli family: the pianist Nino, the poet Gaetano, the art historian Francesco and the painter Rosalba. Photographs portray the apartment and the traces left in life by this family and, therefore, a “time” that will never return. Giorgio Morandi, Filippo De Pisis, thousands of books, paintings and furniture pieces have passed through these rooms. The portraits of these “natural relocations”, of the footprints left by the Arcangely family, following their moving out of the house, highlight the signs of time on space and, in the same way, become an indelible document through the radical changes of these walls. My work took place between the time when the premises of the Arcangeli house were completely vacated to allow for restoration work, following the changes of its blueprint, turning it into a “normal” home of the historic district. Just another large bourgeois’ apartment. What makes this change eternal is the photographic medium, which bears responsibility for fixing in time and making available forever what no longer exists. Through this work, photography turns what normally would be impossible to see into a searchable format.

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Italiana #02 | CHANGE


(Bari, IT, 1980)

Giuseppe De Mattia (Bari, 1980) is an artist who employs a dialogue of mediums to investigate the relationship between memory and contemporaneity. Photography, video, sound, drawing and painting can all be found and often blend within his work.

Alongside his personal practice, De Mattia collaborates with the collective Coclite/De Mattia and Casa a Mare (with Luca Coclite and Claudio Musso). He currently works with the Bologna film library and Home Movies – The National Family Film Archive.

He is represented by Matèria in Rome. He publishes his books with Corraini Editore, Danilo Montanari and Skinnerboox.

In 2015 he founds Libri Tasso an independent artist book self-publishing project.

Giuseppe De Mattia