Giorgio De Vecchi investigates the relationship between container and content and the ambiguities it can generate.

The project proposes a sequence of images that help to understand the importance of conservation, archiving and research, as well as the need to question permanently the meaning of our historical heritage, which also involves institutions and the public in asking how and for what purposes to use this huge amount of material.

Consistently with this assumption, this sequence of images creates a visual pathway – deliberately lacking a reading and interpretation order – which moves autonomously following a subjective path of the author.

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Italiana #05 | LOOP

Giorgio De Vecchi_Courtesy Giulia Di Lenarda


(Feltre, IT, 1986)

In October 2014 he graduated from University Iuav of Venice with a degree in Architecture and City with the thesis “Dimenticare Venezia” and he graduated from the Master in Photography at the IUAV University in Venice in 2017 and collaborates with photographer Stefano Graziani.

In 2020 he exhibited at Photo Open Up / Festival Internazionale della Fotografia with the project “Ultrapersonale”; in 2018 at Campo Space in the exhibition titled “Per l’ultima volta” curated by Stefano Graziani; in 2017 at LOOP – Giovane Fotografia Italiana # 05 2017 edition of Fotografia Europea in Reggio Emilia with the project “L’ordine delle Cose”.

In 2017 he founded with Giulia Di Lenarda an independent office based between Venice and Milan: Gerdastudio, a photographic practice specialised in architecture, design, art reproductions, exhibitions, performances and various installations.

He currently lives and works in Venice.