Cemeteries are heterotopic places where spaces, that would normally be considered incompatible, are juxtaposed.

Here, in a huge collection of portraits that sometimes span moments of daily life, there are vernacular images that show the change of representation in photography and its archetypes.

According to Paul Valery, “everything begins with a break”: from that, the archive was made possible. Interruption tells us about life through its absence, evoking itself. So the archive contradicts itself in adding where it subtracts.

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Itaiana #05 | LOOP

Maria Paolini


(Cesena, IT, 1987)

She graduated in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where she is approaching the study of space and light, which leads her to specialize in photography at the ISIA of Urbino.

She has collaborated with the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Cinisello Balsamo in 2013.

She lives in Milan where she works as an assistant in interior photography.

Her projects address the landscape survey in relation to tangible memories, through the photographic medium and the archive process.