Since 2004, more than 3,500 case of child abuse committed by priests and Church members were reported to the Vatican.ù

Hundreds of cases have and still are being perpetrated in Italy, where the influence of the Vatican is stronger than anywhere else, as it permeates the Italian society on many levels.
Often abuses are wrapped into silence, cases are covered, victims are afraid to make their voices heard. They fear the reactions: of their loved ones, of their friends, of the communities they belong to. Victims are entrenched into agonizing silence.

Forced to live with a burden they will carry with them for a lifetime, they are unabe to forget the past.

Their scars are deep, their memories heavy, their silence deafening. Confiteor (I Confess) is a journey into these memories, into these scars, into these silences.

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Italiana #06 | ACTIVISM

Tomaso Clavarino


(Turin, 1986)

Tomaso Clavarino is a documentary photographer with an MA in Contemporary History.

After a few years working as journalist and editor for major Italian newspapers, he has decided to focus on photography. Since 2014 his works have been published by several newspapers, magazines and media outlets, such as Newsweek, The Washington Post, Der Spiegel, Al Jazeera, Vice, The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, The Guardian, D-La Repubblica, Internazionale, SportWeek.

While working for media outlets, he also pursues more personal and long-term projects that have been exhibited in galleries, festivals and public spaces. During the years he has received several grants by foundations and institutions such as the Pulitzer Center and the European Journalism Center/Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation. He is a co-founder of the Latitude Visual collective, a multimedia lab.