The Long Way Home of Ivan Putnik, Truck Driver

Shaped as a visual diary, the work tells the story of Ivan Puntik, a Russian truck driver who shot hundreds of pictures across all of Siberia on his long journey to go back home. However, some details may raise doubts about the veracity of what is presented. All the images are in fact screengrabs, portions of spherical photographs, originally taken in Russia by ordinary users, and then uploaded to Google Maps. Through the expedient of fictitious narrative, the project merges the practices of adoption and resignification of images. At the same time, it raises some relevant issues, related to the impact humans have on the environment and on the landscape.

Vaste Programme

Vaste Programme is an artistic trio born from the encounter in 2017 between Giulia Vigna (1992), Leonardo Magrelli (1989) and Alessandro Tini (1988). Their research focuses on post-photography and new media. Materials and objects that belongs to the most common everyday life and to which we seldom pay attention to, are used and combined with the adoption and re-circulation of found images, to reveal unforeseen aspects and new meanings.

Eyes on Tomorrow

Giovane Fotografia Italiana nel Mondo

2022, JUNE 9 – JULY 30
OPENING: June 8th at 7 pm
HOURS: every day 10 am – 6 pm

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