Feeding Geographies

My first child turned one just before the beginning of Italy’s lockdown for the Covid19 pandemic in 2020. With his birth my personal universe has condensed and narrowed in size and scale: we lived life at home in a more intense and extended way, even further with the quarantine measures.
Feeding Geographies is a reflection on motherhood, on care and nourishment – in a material, emotional and physical sense – on the subtle inherent ambivalence that having a child entails in situations that can be hard and wonderful, simple and exhausting at the same time. These images are meant to define the domestic geography of my mothering experience, a dissertation on physical and mental individual spaces, on limits and relations between mother and son.

Francesca Cirilli
(Viareggio, IT, 1982)

Francesca Cirilli studied Contemporary History at Pisa University and Photography at IED Torino. Her works are presented in museums, exhibition spaces and photo-festivals in Italy and abroad. She is one of the winners of ABITARE, promoted by Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea, La Triennale Milano and Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and she was a finalist at Pesaresi and Fabbri awards, winner of Combat Prize under35 and was selected for Giovane Fotografia Italiana#2 within the Fotografia Europea festival. She is co-founder and curator at JEST, a space promoting photographic culture and contemporary photography. Lecturer and tutor for various academies and institutions, she works as a freelance photographer, mainly within the cultural and artistic world.
Her research analyzes the development of social, economic and environmental processes in places and along history, focalizing on inhabiting issues, both on domestic and landscape scale.