40 Dittatori

40 Dittatori is the result of a series of scans on half busts and statues depicting some of the main dictators of the twentieth century. Through the overturning of perspective, the viewer can only see the base of the statue which, with its cavities and grooves, reveals itself from an unexpected point of view. This image in fact, in reality, can only be obtained at the moment of the demolition of the statue. One of the immediate effects of this expedient is the depotentialization of the iconographic object given by the instant loss of function for which the monument itself was designed at first.

Paolo Ciregia
(Viareggio, IT, 1987)

Strongly influenced by a personal experience in the trenches during the Russian-Ukrainian conflict between 2014 and 2015, Ciregia explores the dark side of human nature using different media: photography, sculpture, installation and performance. His approach is as diagnostic as it is meticulous and develops with particular attention to the inherent characteristics of the materials with the aim of reworking and transfiguring reality into an introspective experience.
His works have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including New York, London, Paris, Wales, Rome, Milan, Amsterdam.

Eyes on Tomorrow

Young Italian Photography in the World

> Power: Paolo Ciregia, Massimiliano Gatti, Zoe Paterniani

> Roots: Martina della Valle, Federica Landi, Marco Maria Zanin


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