The quest for a confrontation with one’s roots is a universal theme in which endless points of view converge. Federica Landi explores the deep connection between a community of women in Africa and their native land, Martina della Valle tells of the daily life of women living far from their country of origin, as they try to preserve their original connection. Marco Maria Zanin is on the quest for archetypes connecting rural civilizations which are only apparently distant, using sculpture and photography.

Martina della Valle


Martina della Valle "Correspondence"

Correspondence was born on an invitation from the Ragusa Foto Festival and as a result of the long-distance dialogue between Martina della Valle and a group of women of different ages and origins who attended Italian school at the Presidio Caritas in Pachino, Sicily. This exchange of words and images creates a fragmentary narration of the migrants’ everyday life as they choose to represent it; a subjective diary, an archive of glimpses of a reality that is often even more invisible because narrated from the women’s point of view.
The shots, taken with a mobile phone, were then reworked, laser printed and transformed into black and white negatives, or used during a choral action, to expose large blueprints on silk to the sun.

Federica Landi


Federica Landi "The Ballad of Silent Seeds"

Thomas Sankarà, president of Burkina Faso and a beloved icon of the revolution who was brutally murdered in 1987, was a great advocate for gender equality and considered women to be necessary and driving figures in the fight for social justice and emancipation in the country. The burkinabè women were indeed among the first social forces to rebel against president Blaise Compaorè in 2014, in the famous popular uprising which forced him to resign from government after 27 years of dictatorship. Although women of Burkina Faso are hardly represented and celebrated in national and international media, they are still an essential element in all aspects of society.

Marco Maria Zanin


Marco Maria Zanin "Ritualia - Ferite - Feritoie"

The work of Marco Maria Zanin, focusing on a reinterpretation and redefinition of the relationship with the land and with popular traditions, unfolds through the use of photography in dialogue with anthropology. One of the artist’s most frequent research contexts is that of the ethnographic museum of which he proposes to deconstruct the underlying categories through art; thus, orienting it towards the idea of a museum that is open and in constant evolution. To emphasize the intercultural and universal trait that revolves around the relationship with the land, the objects of the peasant world are read in a light that creates strong relationships with objects of worship and common use of other cultures.

Eyes on Tomorrow

Young Italian Photography in the World

> Power: Paolo Ciregia, Massimiliano Gatti, Zoe Paterniani

> Roots: Martina della Valle, Federica Landi, Marco Maria Zanin


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