Jordan General Elections

Jordan General Elections collects a series of images shot during the parliamentary elections in Jordan in 2016. The ghostly rooms of the old parliament building, filled with historical institutional images, are counterposed to a single image from that electoral campaign.
The reflection revolves around formal and content differences that characterize the visual language chosen by power to represent itself.

Zoe Paterniani
(Pesaro, IT, 1991)

After graduating from the University of Bologna with a master’s degree in Visual Arts, in 2017 she completed a master’s degree on Contemporary Image at the Modena Photography Foundation.
She currently works as an editor with several Italian publishing houses as well as for Motto, the main European independent distributor for art books and catalogs.
She lives and works in Berlin.

Eyes on Tomorrow

Young Italian Photography in the World

> Power: Paolo Ciregia, Massimiliano Gatti, Zoe Paterniani

> Roots: Martina della Valle, Federica Landi, Marco Maria Zanin


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