Oggetti Poveri

Oggetti Poveri is a series of collages featuring the juxtaposition of an old photograph of an object with the object reconstructed in cardboard and re-photographed mimicking the same light conditions of the original image. Within this body of work I question the concept of proportion and prospective in photography. How large is an object photographed in a place and time very far from the present? Is the subject a scale model? The card models I create are destroyed immediately after the photographic reproduction.”

Giuseppe De Mattia
(Bari, IT, 1980)

Giuseppe De Mattia is an artist who employs a dialogue of mediums to investigate the relationship between memory and contemporaneity. His work often includes and blends photography, video, sound, drawing and painting.
He is represented by Matèria in Rome and Labs Contemporary Art in Bologna. He publishes his books with Corraini Editore, Danilo Montanari and Skinnerboox.
In 2015 he started a self-publishing project under the name L.T. – Libri Tasso and in 2020 he founded Marktstudio, a container of artistic projects housed in a framing shop in Bologna.

Eyes on Tomorrow

Young Italian Photography in the World


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