Nel pozzo

The series Nel pozzo (In the Well) is an hypothetical journey into an underground world, where scenes and common objects, estranged from everyday reality, evoke mysterious meanings.
Murakami Haruki, describing the depth and loneliness of a writer at work, compares it to a person who is sitting at the bottom of a well, just waiting; in his books wells are often places around which the boundaries between reality and fantasy become more and more uncertain and blurred.
A bale of straw that becomes a giant snail, a tree with mouth and eyes that seems to enchant a pole in its proximity, a moss-covered sphere which resembles the Earth: these are all images of banal, everyday objects that the camera, the ‘well’, transforms into what appear to be intriguing relics from another world, objects loaded with mystery and narrative potential.

Nicola Baldazzi
(Ravenna, IT, 1985)

Nicola Baldazzi studied photography with Guido Guidi at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna. He was a finalist of Giovane Fotografia Italiana, 2014, Premio Francesco Fabbri 2014, FotoFilmic18 and won Premio RAM 2014, Agarttha Arte Prize 2018. Recent exhibitions: When in Athens, Athens GA, 2021; Existence – Text + Image, Ohio University Art Gallery, 2021 with Veronica Lanconelli; Nel pozzo, Officine Matteucci, Faenza, IT, 2020; FotoFilmic18, Polygon Gallery, North Vancouver, 2019; Looking on, MAR, Ravenna, IT, 2019; Dove Viviamo, Øksnehallen, Copenhagen Photo Festival, 2018. Books (with Veronica Lanconelli -writer and curator): He didn’t believe me, 2018 and Piccolo prontuario di fotografia segnaletica, 2013, both published by Osservatorio fotografico. The books have been exhibited at Livre Circulations 2016; Athens Photo Festival 2016; Fahrenheit 39, 2017; Les Rencontres D’Arles 2018.