The consistency of memory is challenged in face of the dynamics of the post-modern metropolis. The material supports on which it is deposited are punctually demolished by the effects of a blind force that drives the new to the maximum profit, which quickly transforms the city’s social and urban fabric and leaves its roots uninhabited.

Saint Paul of Brazil is the largest ‘Italian’ city after Rome. Here, from 1865 on, most of the migratory streams spilling out of Italy, especially from the Veneto countryside, were heading overseas. Today, this is a complex and chaotic cement body in which stories, ethnics, religions, social classes coexist and shuffle in a continuous race to the future.

Os Argonautas is the desire to recompose the remains of a memory that has linked the stories of two countries, contributing to the economic and cultural development of both, a peculiar form of eternal practice, that of traveling to a better destiny.

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Italiana #05 | LOOP

Marco Maria Zanin


(Albano Terme, 1983)

He first took a degree in Literature and Philosophy, and then in International Relations, obtaining a Master’s degree in Psychology. At the same time he developed his artistic career, and travelled widely in different parts of the world, putting into practice the “displacement” so essential for a critical analysis of social contexts, and to fuel his research aimed at identifying the common spaces of the human community.

Myth and archetype as the submerged matrices of modern behaviour are the focus of his investigation, which is based on observation of the relationship between man, territory and time.

Lives and works between Padua and São Paulo, Brazil.