(Perceptions of places)

The project chronicles places in which the hand of man is ever-present, despite the fact that until a few years ago these contexts were completely rural. The continuity portrayed here is so deep as to create a perception replete with meanings, in a blend between the natural and the artificial.

The central theme is time, whose significance can be seen at various levels. Firstly in terms of the diachronic process of change over time, which is fundamental in bringing to the fore these hybrid dimensions, and in terms of a prolonged focus, a necessary condition for appreciating elements that are often ignored when the gaze is distracted and rapidly shifting?

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Italiana #03 | SEEING


(Parma, IT, 1984)

After a specialist’s degree in Philosophical Sciences at the University of Milan, in 2012 she began her PhD course in Cultural Sciences. In 2006 she enrolled in the Young Artists Archive of the Municipality of Parma. She also deals with live music photography, collaborating with several musical groups and event agencies including Brown Art Studio in Parma, FreeSky Music in Milan and Accordo – Second Hand Guitar. Since 2011 she has been working as a photographer and art director at Lowland Studio in Parma, an art direction studio producer of graphic, video and photographic material.