(To Mina)

If a shot has been taken of you, it means that at least that one time you were not alone. Photographs of strangers, a family album whose storyline is not chronological but narrative. I turn private memories into public ones: maybe someone will recognize his- or herself, maybe I’ll meet Mina, or Carlo, or their grandchildren. And then other stories will emerge.

Project presented in Giovane Fotografia Italiana #01 | CITIZENSHIP

Ritratto di Michela De Petris


(Cuneo, IT, 1984)

She was born in Italy. She studied visual art and contemporary dance, between Italy and Spain and she actually lives in Torino. Her research stems from the interest in contemporary rituals of encounter and from a fascination with the idea of ​​transformation. She explores the connection between intimacy and the gaze; the first is both a central theme and the main method she uses in her work. Starting from the assumption that bodies are social flesh, active matter in relation to other matter that is constantly evolving, her idea of ​​corporeality is contaminated and contaminating, porous, multi-species. She likes share experience and work with others (humans? animals? plants? aliens?) exploring shared processes and potential reciprocal influences. She performs for other artist’s pieces: A.B.Meyers, Silvia Calderoni/Ilenia Caleo, Daniele Ninarello, Maria Folguera, amongst other. She usually works with performance, choreography, video, installations and other stuff.