Correspondence was born on an invitation from the Ragusa Foto Festival and as a result of the long-distance dialogue between Martina della Valle and a group of women of different ages and origins who attended Italian school at the Presidio Caritas in Pachino, Sicily. This exchange of words and images creates a fragmentary narration of the migrants’ everyday life as they choose to represent it; a subjective diary, an archive of glimpses of a reality that is often even more invisible because narrated from the women’s point of view.
The shots, taken with a mobile phone, were then reworked, laser printed and transformed into black and white negatives, or used during a choral action, to expose large blueprints on silk to the sun.

Martina della Valle
(Firenze, IT, 1981)

Martina della Valle works with images and photography. Her research moves from the basics of photographic technique, and develops through various media taking different forms according to the places or the stories in which it grows; from b/w photographic printing to site-specific installation, from video to drawing.
Her work has been shown on several occasions in Italy and abroad and is part of international private and public collections such as the ones from: MAXXI Museum, Farnesina, Donata Pizzi, Targetti and Onomichi University.
She currently lives and works in Berlin.

Eyes on Tomorrow

Young Italian Photography in the World

> Power: Paolo Ciregia, Massimiliano Gatti, Zoe Paterniani

> Roots: Martina della Valle, Federica Landi, Marco Maria Zanin


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