Songül is a story inspired by the true account of a teacher that left for compulsory civil service in eastern Turkey, on the border with Syria. The protagonist’s words, extracted from the emails that she and Serena Pea exchanged over three years, assume, in a lean and simplified English, the telegraphic form of the caption accompanying a story with dreamlike images and, because of the contrast, extraordinarily realistic. The photographs were taken starting with the models specially created by the set designer Alberto Nonnato.

Serena Pea
(Brescia, IT, 1984)

After having specialized in stage photography at the Accademia Teatro alla Scala in 2011, she nourishes herself on photography and theatre, working with many theaters and theatre companies in Italy. In 2014 she presents Everyday Souvenir, her first staged photography personal project. Her project Songül was completed in 2017 and in 2018 became a book, published by the publisher La Grande Illusion.

Eyes on Tomorrow

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November 3rd – 30th 2022

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