28th April – 11th June, 2023
Via Spallanzani, 1 – Reggio Emilia

Giovane Fotografia Italiana #10

Group exhibition curated by Ilaria Campioli and Daniele De Luigi

Can visual culture and photographic images lead us to reimagine the concept of identity, and open up our perspective into new ways of how we understand the concept of belonging?


For the last ten years Giovane Fotografia Italiana (Young Italian Photography) has been the project of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia aimed at supporting the work of emerging artists who use the photographic medium to elaborate on the role played by Photography in today’s visual culture as well as in the perception of contemporary world issues.

Belonging is the theme of the tenth edition of the festival. The sense of belonging represents a fundamental need for human beings; however, several phenomena of the last generation (from the digital revolution to telecommunications, migration and scientific progress) are challenging relationships and social structures we were used to. Now more than ever, tension arises among different perceptions of what belonging is: on one side the inclusion in a community whose identity is well defined, which can sometimes react with oppression or resistance. On the other side we find a liberal tension towards new forms of community based on shared values, from micro-communities to the creation of cultural areas on a much larger scale, Europe being one, possibly reaching new global concepts like species membership, or like the holistic view on nature, without forgetting those relationships that are more intimate in nature.

The selected artists will compete for the Luigi Ghirri Prize, which provides financial recognition, the opportunity to present a personal exhibition at the Milan Triennale and, starting from this year, a special mention for Nuove Traiettorie (New Trajectories) – GFI In Stockholm, an opportunity promoted in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Stockholm offering opportunities for an artistic residency as well as an exhibition in Sweden.

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