Ritualia – Ferite / Feritoie

The work of Marco Maria Zanin, focusing on a reinterpretation and redefinition of the relationship with the land and with popular traditions, unfolds through the use of photography in dialogue with anthropology. One of the artist’s most frequent research contexts is that of the ethnographic museum of which he proposes to deconstruct the underlying categories through art; thus, orienting it towards the idea of a museum that is open and in constant evolution. To emphasize the intercultural and universal trait that revolves around the relationship with the land, the objects of the peasant world are read in a light that creates strong relationships with objects of worship and common use of other cultures.

Marco Maria Zanin
(Padova, IT 1983)

Marco Maria Zanin, artist and researcher, lives and works between Padua and Lisbon, where he is currently a PhD student in Anthropology at ISCTE / NOVA. He graduated first in Literature and Philosophy and then in International Relations at the University of Padua.
His works are collected in public and private collections from different parts of the world, including MART in Rovereto, Morandi Museum in Bologna, MAM in Rio de Janeiro, Salsali Museum in Dubai, Galleria Civica in Modena. In 2015 he founds Humus Interdisciplinary, an international platform that plans artistic residencies in order to promote the cultural heritage of rural areas between Italy and Portugal.

Eyes on Tomorrow

Young Italian Photography in the World

> Power: Paolo Ciregia, Massimiliano Gatti, Zoe Paterniani

> Roots: Martina della Valle, Federica Landi, Marco Maria Zanin


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